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As a business owner, your goals are to maximise profit, provide the best customer service and offer products that your customers will love. Let us be there every step of the way to your online commerce success.



Online payment methods


Accept international payments on your website with PayPal.


Accept South African Rands with Yoco plus with the lowest fees in the country and with a promise that you will receive your payment within 2 days.


Accept international and multiple African currencies on your website with Paystack. With the lowest fees.


Accept international and multiple African currencies on your website with Flutterwave, with low transaction fees.


One of South Africa's largest payment processing platform that supports recurring payments, and plenty other features.

Our Services

Maximise Profit.

With WordPress, Woocommerce and Shopify, you can start an online retail store right now.

You may sell your stuff online and take credit or debit card payments from people all around the world. A DesignThat e-commerce website provides you with everything you’ll need to manage a profitable online business.

You may sell almost anything on your e-commerce website! From tangible stuff like clothing and furniture to services and digital products like online courses and software downloads, there’s something for everyone. Our site designs are capable of handling a wide range of online retail services.

You can add new goods and arrange client orders in your backend dashboard, which is built on top of an existing website that can handle other static pages or power a blog to support your sales channel.

What to expect?
Easy setup.

Main steps

1. Choose a plan

Choose from our plans below that will suit your needs. Then click on Get Started.

2. Give us your details

After clicking on "Get Started," you will be redirected to DesignThat Cloud, where we host our clients' websites Provide us with more information about yourself.

3. Make Payment

Choose from different payment methods, like debit or credit card, bank transfer, bank deposit, EFT, Bitcoin, and more.

4. We contact you

We will arrange a phone call to discuss your requirements if we have not already.

5. Delivery of your website

Depending on your plan and site complexity, we will then present your site to you for approval and any necessary changes.

No hidden fees


R350 Monthly
For small businesses trying out.
  • Free domain every year*
  • 3 Pages Responsive Website
  • 5 Products Added By Us
  • Add Unlimited Products
  • Free Online Payment Gateway Setup (Flutterwave)
  • Facebook Shop Setup for R250 extra (once-off)
  • 1 Hour Maintenance Per Month
  • Free 30 MinuteTutorial
Get Started
R600 Monthly
For small businesses.
  • Free domain every year*
  • 10 Pages Responsive Website
  • 10 Products Added By Us
  • Add Unlimited Products
  • Free Online Payment Gateway Setup (Flutterwave, PayFast)
  • Facebook Shop Setup
  • Instagram Shop Setup for R150 extra (once-off)
  • 5 Hour Maintenance Per Month
  • Free 45 MinuteTutorial
Get Started
R900 Monthly
For medium-sized businesses
  • Free domain every year*
  • 15 Pages Responsive Website
  • 15 Products Added By Us
  • Add Unlimited Products
  • Free Online Payment Gateway Setup (Flutterwave, PayFast, Yoco)
  • Free Facebook & Instagram Shop Setup
  • Google Shopping Setup for R400 extra (once-off)
  • 8 Hour Maintenance Per Month
  • Free 60 Minute Tutorial
Get Started
R1400 Monthly
  • Free domain every year*
  • 20 Pages Responsive Website
  • 20 Products Added By Us
  • Add Unlimited Products
  • Free Online Payment Gateway Setup (Flutterwave, PayFast, Yoco, PayPal)
  • Free Facebook & Instagram Shop Setup
  • Free Google Shopping Setup
  • 10 Hour Maintenance Per Month
  • Free 120 Minute Tutorial
Get Started

Frequently Asked

What does maintenance mean?

Websites usually have updates that need to be performed and some features that need to be added which will be managed by our team of experienced staff.

What is a payment gateway?

An online payment gateway is a payment service that your site will use to accept payments from customers online.

Why do I pay monthly?

Monthly payments are enabled by default as a pricing method. You can pay once-off or yearly. Which will be the monthly payment multiplied by 10.

Example: GrowBig 600*10 = R6000 (once-off)

When will my site be ready?

Your site will be presented to as soon as all your needs are understood and our team has created all necessary pages and enabled features. Click here to learn how to get started.

How will I add products?

In the tutorial that we will provide you with we will go over multiple ways of adding products which include a mobile app for the platform of your choice or via your website.

We have experience working with medium and small businesses and are ready to
develop a store that’s just right for your business.

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