Changes in submission methods

In our efforts to minimize file resubmissions and data loss, we have changed our file storage location and submissions to DesignThat AP.

DesignThat AP has been the home for file submissions since its implementation. We have decided to make it the permanent home for your project request files as we usually get clients who at times lose access to their files when uploaded on temporary storage devices online.

DesignThat AP has been integrated with Google Drive which means that all your uploaded files will be encrypted for just you to view.

How to access your files

You can access your files by performing the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. On the left side panel locate “Projects“.
  3. Click on the project you need files from
  4. Look for the files tab on the project.

As some files will be too sophisticated to host by traditional means e.g. Videos, Software, etc. These will b hosted in applicable storage methods which will suit the file type.

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