WordPress 5.9: Is it worth upgrading to?

The latest version is rolling out to sites globally and your website will be getting upgraded to the new version of WordPress.

For all of you who usually install updates manually, should you consider upgrading to this new version that claims that it will allow you to edit every element of your site – with blocks of course?


In this article we will be covering what’s new in this update, and whether it is worth upgrading to.


So, What's new?

One of the most talked-about features is the full site editing capability which will allow you to edit and control every part of your site directly from your admin panel.

This will allow you to edit your headers, footers, side panels and more.

Also new to the update is a new theme called 2022 which is

the first default block theme in the history of WordPress. This is more than just a new default theme. It’s a brand-new way to work with WordPress themes.

Block themes put a wide array of visual choices in your hands, from color schemes and typeface combinations to page templates and image filters — all together, in the site editing interface. By making changes in one place, you can give Twenty Twenty‑Two the same look and feel as your brand or other websites — or take your site’s look in another direction.

The Twenty Twenty‑Two theme is already available to you. It came installed with WordPress 5.9, and you will find it in your installed themes.

The verdict

There are plenty more features in the new update which you can learn more about on but we have to deliver the verdict.

Is it worth it upgrading to WordPress 5.9?

Our verdict: Yes it is worth it upgrading to version 5.9 as it introduces plenty more features that will allow developers and site admins access without the need for expensive premium themes and plugins that would otherwise bloat up and cause lag in your site.

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