February 8, 2021

Vconomy eCommerce marketplace platform and app

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I advised the client that a responsive theme would work out for them as they didn’t want to begin a custom developed theme on their site as this would take time. They also wanted the site to be able to contain documentation for presales and after-sales for customers, affiliates that would promote the site with links and earn a commission and also sellers that would list their items on the site which would get the admin a commission based on sales and other criteria. I also created custom integration scenarios that would be actioned per the client’s needs whenever an order was created, modified and whenever a seller had uploaded a product. I also integrated the site with a Google Merchant account and with Facebook Marketplace to get the items to show up on their Facebook page. The client also asked me to help them with social media content creation on their social media platforms. I also helped them create an app and to also publish it to the Google Play Store.

The client Vconomy wanted a multivendor eCommerce marketplace built on WooCommerce.

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